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Malivoire's Melon

Malivoire's Melon


Malivoire’s Melon is a sure sign of spring!  This refreshing unoaked white wine is released in just in time for a fresh new season.   This unfamiliar grape is a rarity in Canada because its homeland is in a small region in France.  So, first a little background on the classic.


Melon has a complicated story, which results in a perfectly simple wine destined for seafood.  To begin, its full name is Melon de Bourgogne.  This makes its location unclear, as it is grown in the Loire Valley not Burgundy! (Melon was originally was from Burgundy, but abolished in the 18th century.)  Melon is at its best in the Loire Valley, planted in the sandy soils next to the Atlantic Ocean, where it is best known as Muscadet.  Muscadet is commonly made as a still white wine using a method called ‘sur lee’.  This process refers to not racking (moving the wine off of sediment into a new vessel).   In the case of Muscadet, the sediment are the dead yeast cells post primary fermentation.  By not racking the wine, the yeast cells add some body and a light autolytic flavor to the wine.  Another result of not racking the wine is residual CO2 in the wine, which provides a light spritz.  The typical Muscadet is a pale coloured wine, with mild flavours of tart lemon, salinity and yeast.  The wine has some texture, light spritz, high acidity and a refreshing finish.  All perfect attributes to pair with the local seaside fare, such as oysters and mussels.     


So how did this Loire Valley specialty end up in Niagara?  Malivoire accidently planted a portion of their vineyard with what they thought were Chardonnay vines purchased from a nursery in 1998.  That mistake has turned out a loyal following every year for Malivoire’s Melon.  The wine is similar to the classic Muscadet from France.  Malivoire’s Melon is unoaked and crisp.  The bouquet is aromatic with notes of lemon curd, melons and quince.  And the palate is dry and lively, with bright acidity, green apple flavours and a crisp finish.  All of these attributes make the wine an ideal wine to pair with The Shore Club’s oysters!


The limited production of this wine (98 cases of the 2016 vintage) means it will surely disappear before the year is over.  Currently available at  The Shore Club Toronto. 


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