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The Salty Chihuahua: A Riff On A Classic Cocktail


A new cocktail is making an appearance on the menu at The Shore Club Toronto.  The Salty Chihuahua is inspired from the classic cocktail The Salty Dog.  The Salty Dog was created in the 1950s and was based on three simple ingredients; gin, grapefruit juice and salt.  To make this classic cocktail, a highball glass is rimmed with salt, then gin and grapefruit juice are poured in over ice.  The garnish is a simple lime wedge. The salt helps balance the bitter grapefruit juice, and the result is a refreshing cocktail that is great to enjoy in the winter months.  


Inspired by this timeless cocktail, our The Shore Club Toronto location played with some of the elements to create our own spin on the Salty Dog.  We call it the Salty Chihuahua, and it is equally as thirst quenching as its inspiration.   To start, a highball glass is rimmed with salt.  The cocktail is built in the glass.  First, one ounce of grapefruit syrup is added the glass.  The syrup is concentrated and thick, and its heaviness makes it drop to the bottom of the glass.  This will add a beautiful gradation of pink colour as the other ingredients are added.  Next, a half ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice is added and one and half ounces of Mezcal.  Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico that is made from the piña, the heart of the agave plant.  Where the plants are grown is regulated, giving the product a sense of place.  Most Mezcal comes from Oaxaca and has been produced for over 200 years.  Mezcal is similar to Tequila, but is characterized by a strong smoky flavour.   For this drink, we are using Leyenda Tlachuache Organic Mezcal. 


Back to the Salty Chihuahua, now that the ingredients are in the glass, crushed ice is added to the rim.  Soda water tops off the drink and a grapefruit wedge is the garnish.  

Come by The Shore Club Toronto to try this smoky, salty and sour cocktail this winter!  Salud!


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