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Spring Cooking - The Shore Club's Warm Beet Salad

Spring Cooking - The Shore Club's Warm Beet Salad

Spring has Sprung...Almost.

With spring just around the corner, we are now reaping the rewards of the warmer days and cold nights to bring out a variety of spring treasures.  All chefs around the world get this excitement inside them when they sense the oncoming of spring.

One of my favourite ingredients to work with in The shore Club kitchen is Canadian Maple Syrup.  I love working with its versatility: you can smoke it, heat it and use it as a glaze, and you can sweeten a vinaigrette or even bake with it.  We cherish this natural gift and want to use it as much as possible. 

Of the myriad of ways one can use maple syrup, one of my favorites is in salads as a dressing.  It provides a sweet complexity that can make fresh root vegetables an absolute delight.  You just need to visit The Shore Club and taste our Warm Beet Salad with Maple-White Balsamic Vinaigrette to taste maple’s wonders (if you don’t already that is!).

This salad is a new addition to our menu and a great way to transition from winter to the start of spring.  Warming the beets enhances their natural earthiness and sweetness.  The brightness of the orange and the textures of the pumpkin seeds and frisée make this salad add a lot of very enjoyable elements to the salad. To top it all off, we have the tangy but sweet vinaigrette coating your mouth as you enjoy the creamy tang of the goat’s cheese.

We hope you can visit The Shore Club to enjoy it, but if you can’t, we are happy to share the recipe below.  

Warm Beet Salad Recipe

-2oz each Red, Yellow, Candy Cane Beets

-½ fl oz Maple White Balsamic Dressing

-5 pcs Orange Segments

-½ oz Arugula

-½ oz Frisée

-1oz Goat Cheese

-1oz Pumpkin Seeds, toasted and salted

-3 pcs Candy Cane Beet, raw and thinly sliced

To prepare your beets: Roast your beets in the oven at 350F and cook until soft (when you can stick a knife easily through the center and pull it out without it sticking). The timing depends on size.  For a medium beet it should be approximately 45 minutes. You want to ensure the beet still has bite.

Peel and cut your beets to an equal bite size.

To prepare your salad: Drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper over the beets. Heat the beets in the oven at 400F for 2-3 minutes until warm. Toss the beets with the dressing and place them on the plate. Toss the greens lightly with the dressing, season, place in center of plate on top of beets. Garnish with the orange segments, pumpkin seeds, and goat cheese.

Finish with a few drops of lemon and Maldon sea salt over top of the salad.

Maple White Balsamic Dressing

-½ cup Maple Syrup

-1.5 cup White Balsamic

-½ cup Olive Oil

-1.5 tbsp Dijon Mustard

Mix all ingredients together, season with salt and freshly cracked pepper.


Happy Cooking!



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