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Sturgeon Caviar and Bubbles

Sturgeon Caviar and Bubbles



Caviar and Bubbles

Acadian Sturgeon Caviar is now available at The Shore Club.   Served as a premium appetizer with traditional accompaniments; blinis, shallots, chives, crème fraiche and hard boiled egg.   Champagne is a classic pairing with caviar and Sommelier Allison Vidug suggests a glass of Laurent-Perrier's 'La Cuvée'to enhance the experience.   Full of notes of brioche, white peach and minerality, this effervescent dry wine is just right.  

Caviar and Champagne: a great way to elevate the beginning of an evening out at The Shore Club!

We asked Craig Stevenson, General Manager of The Shore Club Ottawa, about his thoughts on caviar.  Here is what he had to say: 

Caviar…….Caviar is one of those things that society has made a decision to love, because it’s expensive and in cool movies or hate, because… well, its fish eggs!  If you are part of the second reason and you work past the point of what it is and give it a shot, you will be wonderfully surprised. I am approaching 30 years in the hospitality industry and have worked in some of the finest establishments across Canada. I have tried a number of different kinds of caviar from Sevruga, Ossetra and even the decadent Beluga. I am here to tell you that after a wonderful evening with some aficionado’s, we have decided without a doubt that Canada’s own Bay of Fundy supplies the best tasting, most pleasant popping Sturgeon eggs we have ever tasted.  This decadent little egg is produced at Acadian Caviar by a humble, passionate man and his family. 

There are so many ways to indulge in caviar from using it on top of canapes to literally eating with your hands, I have seen this done, and it’s as pretty as you would think it is! My personal preference is on a light fresh blini with a hint of egg yolk, a few minced shallots a dollop of crème fraiche and an equal portion of Acadian Wild to match. That’s my jam!

Not to sound too trendy but, I don’t always eat caviar… but when I do, I only drink Champagne!

The bubbles enhance the “popping” of those little gems. The crisp acidity of a proper glass of champers really refreshes the palate between each decadent bite. Another reason it goes so wonderfully together is because well, they are both so damn good!  I bet it really tastes even better in a Lamborghini! Lol

Please tell me if it does!

Let’s share a tin of nature’s little sea diamonds soon!

--Craig Stevenson--

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