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Notes From The Bar Side # 2
The Cranberry Eastsider 
Welcome back to my second instalment of The Shore Club’s blog focused on what’s happening with the cocktails we are currently showcasing called “Notes from the Bar Side”. For this edition we are going to talk about quite possibly the most visually appealing and tasty cocktail that everyone can enjoy. The Cranberry Eastsider. 
This drink is comprised of Beefeater Gin, lime juice, in house made cranberry simple syrup, muddled mint, cucumber, cranberries, topped with prosecco, and finally garnished with a cranberry skewer and a mint crown. It’s tart, fresh and just a little sweet. You can taste all the ingredients, the tartness comes from the cranberries, the freshness is from the muddled mint and cucumber and there’s just a hint of sweet from the simple syrup. 
I came up with the cocktail a couple of years ago when I was working at the now closed Fifth Ticket Restaurant and Piano Bar back in St. John’s, NLFD. It was a variation of a drink my buddy Brandon  made up called The Eastsider which was quite similar except it didn’t have muddled cranberries or cranberry simple syrup. So when it was time to make a Christmas cocktail menu in 2016, this drink came to mind. The cranberries provide a beautiful red colour that will turn heads and adds a little tartness that will subdue any of those concerns about sweetness. It’s served in a chilled coupe and can be enjoyed by everyone. 
For the garnish , I give 100% of the credit to our amazing sommelier Allison Vidug. She is the one who put the cranberries on the skewer and added the mint at the end. To go with the Christmas theme we meant  this garnish look as closely to a Holly as possible. We also “slap” the mint and rub the top and bottom of the glass to give the smell and freshness of the mint all over. 
Come down anytime to The Shore Club and enjoy this delicious treat, I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Please all feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. 
My time is up, thank you for yours. 
Andrew Daw
© The Shore Club. All rights reserved.

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